Explore the Charm of Jewellery with Swanvi

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Are you a jewellery lover? If yes, then it’s obvious you will know it better than anyone else. If not, then you must be at least aware of their craze for jewellery. Jewellery lovers like to owe different kinds of ornaments; be it classic, contemporary or traditional. There can be no doubt about the fact that this kind of people has a good jewellery collection. When asked about their preference towards jewellery brands, some of them came up with the name Swanvi. To be honest, the jewellery collection of Swanvi, has made a mark in the jewellery market. When we are talking about the jewellery collection, it is none other than the terracotta jewellery market.

Believe it or not, today when it comes to jewellery collection, online stores get the maximum vote. The obvious reason behind this is the wide variety of ornaments and the amazing discount rates you can avail even without standing in the queue. Now, when it comes to quality and price then you have to visit Swanvi, one of the best online jewellery stores in today’s market. With such online stores, today there are so many choices and options in our hand that we do not require visiting the retail stores anymore.

If you are looking for elegance, gorgeousness and exquisiteness, then here comes our amazing terracotta jewellery collection from Swanvi.

Multicoloured Terracotta Necklace Set

For those who are in love with handcrafted jewellery designs, here we bring before you an amazing piece of necklace. This stunning multicoloured eco-friendly terracotta necklace set is sure to make you look amazing when teamed up with a black skirt and white top. Wearing this beautiful piece of jewellery is sure to draw every eye. Another alternative option to make this beaded necklace all the more beautiful is to match it with your maxi dress.

Handcrafted Terracotta Necklace Set

How about this stylish pair of floral terracotta earrings with this stunning handcrafted terracotta necklace as mentioned above? No wonder, this entire combo will make you look gorgeous and beautiful. Such combo is not just easy to wear but skin friendly as well. The best part is it adds a distinct style when matched up with a maxi dress.

Be it your birthday or your bestie’s birthday, grab this opportunity to revamp your look with Swanvi’s terracotta jewellery collection. Come and check out our amazing collection and we promise you to give the ones that you desire. So are you ready to explore our collection?


Kundan – One of the Unique Collections of Indian Jewellery

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When the discussion is about Imitation jewellery, Kundan collection always has a special mention. This form of jewellery is a brilliant fusion of precious stones, enamel and metal in the traditional Rajasthani style. The variety of stones used in this jewellery making is topaz, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, moonstones, garnets, corals, bloodstones and amethyst. The stones are given beautiful shapes by cutting and polishing the same to give a different look.


In order to find this trendy fashion jewellery, browse the online stores and view the wide variety of options available there. Today, if you want to avail the latest designs of Kundan jewellery, then nothing can be better than the online stores. Browse the imitation jewellery online and see what benefits you get after purchasing the piece of jewellery of your choice.

The jewels and charms from India are simply priceless. There are some notable techniques, which are required to design the charms in order to make them look outstandingly beautiful. The techniques have been passed on from one generation to the other and they are unique. One such popular technique is none other than the Kundan jewellery, which has come from several parts of North India. No wonder, each of the techniques speaks of rich Indian history, the tradition and last but not the least about the country and its people as well.

Come, let us check some of the beautiful designs of Kundan Jewellery available online.


A Perfect Hint of Pearl

The goddess or the Laxmi crafted necklaces or pendants have been in trend for some time. The use of tiny pearls in the neckpieces or pendants gives an antique look, thereby, making the Kundan jewellery stand out from the crowd. Team up with this ornament with dark coloured or maroon Kanchivaram silk saree and see how beautifully the pearl glows.

Vintage Special

This form of Kundan jewellery is an antique piece and goes with any outfit. This jewellery is very fashionable in South India and widely popular as coin jewellery. The brides mostly prefer coin costume jewellery and this piece is a MUST have in every wardrobe.

Play of Colours

This chain comes with several colourful beads and is considered as a perfect look of fantasy and fun. Wearers usually love to add a trendy engraved pendant to this chain of beads. Match this beautiful pendant with sober coloured sarees or ethnic wear.

To get such forms of Kundan jewellery, browse the online stores today without fail. No wonder, imitation jewellery online is the perfect pick if you are looking for variety designs at affordable rates.

Must-have Ethnic Earrings in Your Closet

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Ethnic earrings only look good if you team them up with the right Indian ethnic attire. India is a country filled with rich collections of stones and ethnic jewellery. The desire to adorn fashionable jewellery took to designing ethnic earrings. India is considered as the ‘gem-bearing’ country and has enticed several people from traders, travellers to invaders. Transgressing through history and time, the Indian gems and jewellery have not just remained as a craft, but also gradually evolved into a perfect art form, in both workmanship and design. Jewels are considered the statement of prosperity, prestige and power to every woman.

To match up with your taste and lifestyle, you can choose from the wide variety of ethnic earrings available in the online stores. Today, there are a number of ethnic earring online stores in India offering an array of fashionable jhumkas for prospective buyers. Check out the online stores and find out their attractive collection to enhance your style quotient. Team up the best pair of ethnic earrings with Lehenga Choli, Salwar Kameez or Saree and see how beautiful you look. Here below is some of the stunning collection of earrings to help you go ethnic and add a lot of confidence.

The Emblem of Tradition


If you have been trying for something unique that perfectly blends with the impending occasion at your home then this pair of earrings will look good on you. This floral piece will be the ideal pick for your event. The design of this jewellery stands out from the crowd. You will simply love the brilliant use of colours. The combination of transparent stones and pearls with maroon and green together looks outstandingly good. You can also take up a purple clutch to create a complete style statement.

The Impressively Contemporary Style


How about the umbrella designed ethnic earring in your cousin’s wedding? This piece of jewellery is sure to make you look beautiful and dazzling. The earrings are made of copper and add gorgeous colours that carry a contemporary feeling. The best part of the jewel is its upper portion that carries an impression of a Lion’s face. You can easily combine these ethnic jhumkas with a gold clutch and a beautiful pearl necklace.

Four Ethnic Jewellery Pieces to Look Gorgeous

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You must have been pondering over some dazzling jewellery pieces for a long time. True, every woman loves to adorn the perfect jewellery that not only suits their look, but make them stand out from the crowd. You can of course take a cue from your most favourite Bolywood divas and get an idea of the trinkets they wear. No wonder, there are a number of reel-life Bollywood divas in your list who looks stunningly and outstandingly good with their beautiful pieces of ethnic jewellery.

To be precise, Bollywood’s hot divas have amped up the costume jewellery meter by sporting the magnificent ethnic Indian pieces. In recent times, many fashionistas were seen in tribal ethnic jewellery, completely ditching the western ones for fashionable adornments. You must be agreeing with the fact that jewellery is a must-have staple in every woman’s wardrobe. In fact, having an ample of them in your closet plays an important part in creating a perfect style statement. Here below is a list of beautiful Bollywood beauties, wearing customary ethnic jewellery with a wide array of stunning ensembles.

The Chic Statement Necklace

1Madhuri Dixit

This stylish ornament is that one-piece jewellery that can compliment any outfit of your choice. Try wearing this piece of ornament with simple ensembles and see how you draw people’s attention. Team it up with your favourite monochromatic dress to project a long-lasting impression. Check out Madhuri Dixit’s ethnic statement necklace that outshines her demure ensemble.

Pretty Jhumkas


Wear a pair of jhumkas/earrings with your favourite outfit and flaunt your entire look. Jhumkas are usually worn with traditional outfits like anarkali, flaunting an instant glow to the face. Instead of just piling up loads of unnecessary ornaments, collect this piece of jewellery to create an impact overall. Watch how our divas flaunt their fashionable jhumkas to stand out from the rest.

The Weighty Wedding Necklace


This is mandatory for any wedding function. Heavy necklace rests on the neckline to highlight the inner beauty of the wearer. If there is no such gorgeous jewellery on your neckline, no outfit looks striking when you are attending a wedding party. Here are the divas exhibiting their style by teaming up their gorgeous wedding necklace with the outfit. Check out the diva to find how she looks with her dazzling wedding necklace.

The Bindi and Maang Tikka


Usually such ethnic jewellery is not categorized majorly, but this little piece of jewellery enhances one’s look. We all know that Bindi is considered as the perfect match to one’s traditional look. Even a tee and a pair of pants teamed up with a bindi on forehead can glamourize one’s look. Wearing a maang tikka epitomizes the calmness and sereneness of the entire look. No wonder, both of them are a powerful mark of beautification. Take a quick look at Deepika Padokaune and get inspired by her style.

Types of Casual Jewellery

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Jewellery plays a very significant part in every woman’s life. In fact, ornaments are supposed to be every girl’s first love. They cannot possibly go out or do without making jewellery a part of their daily life. The right type of ornament coupled with the ideal outfit can make the wearer look beautiful. Research says that women find solace in trying different types of ornaments because they believe that such things will never let them down. Today, there are varied forms of trinkets available in the online market. As jewellery aficionados, women love trying a variety of jewellery designs and styles. Among them, the casual jewellery is the most preferred ones. The various types of casual jewellery are as follows:


Gold and Maroon Terracotta Jhumkas

Terracotta ornaments are crafted from river clay. Designs are engraved on the still-wet clay followed by baking in an oven. Then the pendants and beads are dipped in to get the perfect shape. The pieces are then painted in vibrant and beautiful colours to give a new look.

Buy this finely created gold and maroon terracotta jhumka to team up with your casual outfit. The length of this ornament is around 6-7 centimetres.

Pink and Sky Blue Terracotta Pendant Necklace with Studs

This terracotta necklace with gold and blue beads is sure to drive you crazy. If you are in a hurry and have very less time to adorn yourself, then try out this necklace set. Team it up with a kurti or a salwar and get the perfect look. You need not worry about the length as it can be adjusted accordingly. Before you miss out, buy this casual jewellery online today.

Golden Triangles Arm Chain

Shop for casual jewellery online that is both unique and fabulous. This trendy costume jewellery is a perfect fashion accessory for a casual yet elegant look. This turquoise bead upper arm chain is a trendy costume vintage ornament mostly preferred by those girls/women who put on stylish outfits.

Designer Silver Anklet

This beautiful designer single pearl silver chain anklet is sure to drive you crazy. You can say that it acts as a staple item in any fashionable wardrobe. Purchase this designer casual jewellery online to get a stunning look.
Always remember, the key to modern jewellery designs is none but the simplicity that can lure a huge crowd.

Importance of Ethnic Jewellery

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When speaking of tradition, ethnic jewellery lists amongst India’s favourite adornments. Down the ages, ornaments and costume jewellery has been playing an integral part in the fashion industry. At that point of time, it was considered as a mark of richness and prosperity. However, with time it is considered to be a symbol of class, style and elegance now.

Gone are those days when women were only running behind gold and diamond jewellery. Today, people are mad about semi-precious and ethnic jewellery available in latest trends. You will find such trinkets in an array of designs and varieties to suit any outfit. Research says that ethnic trinkets are the highest selling items in the market. In fact, they are less expensive than the authentic gold jewellery in the market. Perhaps, this is one of the primary reasons for its growing popularity. You will also be attracted towards the excellent craftsmanship and designs of the ornaments. The amazing designs that come are just beyond words.

Today, there are a plenty of designers, who design authentic ethnic jewellery keeping pace with the current trends in fashion. They make innovative items that never go out of style. Each of the ornaments has its own grace. We all know that jewellery plays an important part in every woman’s life. In fact, wearing such jewellery brings a positive vibe amongst the people. It has also been observed that non-working women are passionate about heavy designed adornments while the working individuals prefer light weighted and simple adornments.
If you feel, you have less time to visit the retail/traditional stores then opt for the online stores to buy your favourite jewellery. You will get a wide range of indisputably best and authentic ethnic jewellery from the online stores today. Not only women but men also enjoy adorning this particular form of ornament. In fact, ethnic fashion jewellery has now become a trend and both men and women enjoy flaunting the same in all occasions. The most interesting factor that allures the buyers is the jewellery’s existence, since the pre-modernization age. So, when are you planning to buy your favourite ethnic ornaments?

‘Coz You Don’t Need a Reason to Make Your Mother Feel Special!

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Mother, a word which defines God for us, humans. Don’t you agree? We pray to God every single day but have we ever seen the Almighty? No. But mothers are the ones who symbolise God in our lives. But the fact is, mothers are also the only ones whom we take for granted the most, knowingly or unknowingly. However, they deserve to get treated in a special way every day and, hence, if you have been thinking off late about surprising her with a gift but not finding any valid reason behind doing so, just go ahead and make some plans. After all, none of us actually need any reason to make our mothers feel special, isn’t it?


Here are some of the ways in which you can bring a huge smile on her face without much of toil!

  • Go For a Movie Date

When was the last time that you went out on a movie date with your mom? You don’t remember, isn’t it? So, this is probably the best time to take her out for a movie and spend some quality time with her. Just book tickets all by yourself and take her out for a surprise movie date. She will be simply overwhelmed with joy!

  • Buy a Jewellery Piece

Mothers look the best when they dress up traditionally and if your mom too loves to dress up, buy some good jewellery pieces for her. If you are falling short of pocket money, don’t worry! Just go through the various online jewellery websites and choose from some inexpensive eco-friendly jewellery online. Your mom will never see the price but your thoughts behind the gift.

  • Cook a Meal

Finally, give your mom some time to herself and cook a day’s meal all by yourself. If you are not a great cook, then you can just simply cook a bowl of Maggi and give it to her. Let her take a bit of rest from the kitchen and show that you really care. No matter how bad the Maggi would taste, she will have it wilfully!

So, now you know how you can make your mother feel special and you should do it at least once a month. This is easy and much lesser than what our mothers do for us every single day, don’t you agree?