Kundan – One of the Unique Collections of Indian Jewellery

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When the discussion is about Imitation jewellery, Kundan collection always has a special mention. This form of jewellery is a brilliant fusion of precious stones, enamel and metal in the traditional Rajasthani style. The variety of stones used in this jewellery making is topaz, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, moonstones, garnets, corals, bloodstones and amethyst. The stones are given beautiful shapes by cutting and polishing the same to give a different look.


In order to find this trendy fashion jewellery, browse the online stores and view the wide variety of options available there. Today, if you want to avail the latest designs of Kundan jewellery, then nothing can be better than the online stores. Browse the imitation jewellery online and see what benefits you get after purchasing the piece of jewellery of your choice.

The jewels and charms from India are simply priceless. There are some notable techniques, which are required to design the charms in order to make them look outstandingly beautiful. The techniques have been passed on from one generation to the other and they are unique. One such popular technique is none other than the Kundan jewellery, which has come from several parts of North India. No wonder, each of the techniques speaks of rich Indian history, the tradition and last but not the least about the country and its people as well.

Come, let us check some of the beautiful designs of Kundan Jewellery available online.


A Perfect Hint of Pearl

The goddess or the Laxmi crafted necklaces or pendants have been in trend for some time. The use of tiny pearls in the neckpieces or pendants gives an antique look, thereby, making the Kundan jewellery stand out from the crowd. Team up with this ornament with dark coloured or maroon Kanchivaram silk saree and see how beautifully the pearl glows.

Vintage Special

This form of Kundan jewellery is an antique piece and goes with any outfit. This jewellery is very fashionable in South India and widely popular as coin jewellery. The brides mostly prefer coin costume jewellery and this piece is a MUST have in every wardrobe.

Play of Colours

This chain comes with several colourful beads and is considered as a perfect look of fantasy and fun. Wearers usually love to add a trendy engraved pendant to this chain of beads. Match this beautiful pendant with sober coloured sarees or ethnic wear.

To get such forms of Kundan jewellery, browse the online stores today without fail. No wonder, imitation jewellery online is the perfect pick if you are looking for variety designs at affordable rates.


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