A Few Jewellery Faux Pas You Need to Avoid

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When it comes to choosing jewellery for ourselves, we always feel that nothing is enough! And hence, we often end up going overboard with our jewellery fashion. However, it’s high time we know the fact that wearing big and more is not always classy and there are indeed a few jewellery faux pas we need to avoid. One needs to be simple while choosing jewellery for oneself and this can actually make a girl look the classiest of all!

  • Plastic is a Big No-No!

Wearing plastic jewellery is one of the biggest jewellery faux pas we can ever come across! So, always remember not to buy any kind of plastic jewellery for yourself. These looks eerie, is uncomfortable to wear and you surely wouldn’t want to get laughed at by the people around you! Isn’t it?

  • Do Not Avoid the Neckline!

If you are wearing a crew neck or a turtleneck top or kurti, never ever try to complement it with a choker! The neckline and the neckpieces go hand in hand. Hence, choose wisely! If you are wearing a pendant with a chain, make sure your neckline is deep. Mid-length neckline and a pendant of your choice may easily kill your look for the evening! So, choose wisely!

  • Keep it Clean!

If you are thinking about wearing a few statement rings or an anklet, make sure that you have done a proper mani-pedi! That dazzling ruby and diamond will not look good on your finger if you nails aren’t shaped properly or coloured nicely. Also, a tired and worn out foot can never compliment a statement anklet. When people look at you at the party, make their look worth their while!

  • Do Not Go Overboard!

If you are thinking about wearing a chunky neckpiece with a matching chandbaalis in the next wedding party, think again! Although they come in sets when you buy ethnic jewellery online, they are actually meant to be worn separately! Wear the neckpiece if you wish to but match it up with a simple pendant. Or, if you are keeping your hair open, you can also abstain from wearing any earrings at all!

  • Size Actually Matters!

Size does matter while choosing your jewellery. Never wear a big statement ring on your thumb. This looks odd and is actually a big fashion faux pas. Also, if you have chosen a ring which is larger than your fingers, you have actually made a wrong choice! Get it returned!

Now you know what all aspects you need to keep in mind while wearing jewellery, don’t you? So, always follow these above-mentioned points to keep yourself off from being a fashion gaffe!


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