Demand for Online Fashion Jewellery

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With time things are getting updated and changing for good. You will see the brands are mostly focusing on setting up their individual e-commerce divisions. Now, this is making shopping much easy and comfortable. For example, today if you need to buy a pair of a designer terracotta necklace set, all you require is just a click to perform the work. Gone are the days when people used to stand in the queue for hours to buy their jewellery and ornaments. However, presently, the scenario is different where you can do jewellery shopping with just a touch.

About the Jewellery Industry

In the Indian economy, the jewellery industry has been rated as the fastest growing industry amongst the rest. It is export oriented and largely labours intensive, thus, has a great contribution towards its customers. In order to prove one’s existence, it is important to build a good e-commerce podium, which would help in connecting both the retailers and the manufacturers.

Of course, there will be challenges like getting the right designs, right cataloguing and last but not the least following the current trend. As women love personalization and customization of jewelleries, it is important to stay updated with the technique as well. A lot of things need to be taken care of before making a mark in the industry.

Benefits of Online Shopping

There are several advantages of online shopping, among which the pricing needs a special mention. Products are available at discounted rates and most importantly every other day there are offers on different items. In fact, online shops offer refund policies, polishing, engraving, gift wrapping and free shipping as applicable. Use of plastic money and the idea of digital India are certainly making the online shopping to be the best.

Buying jewellery online let you check out a wide variety of products without even wasting time unnecessarily. The idea is to make online shopping easy and comfortable. Needless to say, that, technology is helping India to be the manufacturing hub and also a worldwide jewellery distributor.

To be precise, the jewellery market is enjoying the strong growth for several reasons like the product selection, product display, customization, customer service and so on.

All these above-mentioned points have explained the reason behind the demand for online fashion jewellery.


Latest Fashion Tips on Modern Wears

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Are you looking for the latest outfit ideas and fashion tips for women? Then you are in the right place. We would ask you to follow the forums where your favourite designers and celebrities speak. Today, you have a number of platforms from where you can check out what you want. Be it your favourite designer’s tips or your much-loved celebrity’s profile, you have ample options to know your requirements like, about modern fashion wear for women and so on. Come! Let us know the current fashion trends which have become popular in the market.

Latest Fashion Trends

  • The latest fashion trends talk about the shorts, crop tops, suede shirts, cotton cardigan, sweaters and so on. With the arrival of colder months, people tend to stop wearing these clothes. However, things shouldn’t be thought in this way. You can easily show off your own flair for fashion.

For example, we say that floral tops signify spring and summer, but this time the fall fashion has something else in mind.  Try out a floral top featuring some pink flowers atop with a chocolate background. In fact, this would be a perfect retro look if teamed up with a knee length black skirt and a black boot and of course a black blazer.

  • Do you know that crop tops can make perfect winter attire? Just make sure you get the long sleeves crop top for yourself.
  • Usually, the fall colour theme points out at the shades of black but the current trend talks about the red colour. Professionals say that this particular hue is best for this winter, offering a bright smile on everyone’s face. Think about a red flare dress that has long sleeves and a tie neck, thereby, bringing a perfect 70s look.
  • How about a soft cotton square cardigan this fall? When you are looking for a classic yet modern day look then nothing can beat this cardigan. Team up with a pair of denim jeans and boots and see how you look. Wearing oversized fit this season is the current trend now.
  • This winter, do get yourself a large and comfortable sweater. How about buying a flecked cashmere sweater? This kind of sweater offers both classy and casual look. The mock neck is its USP and it keeps you warm and comfortable during the cold days.

Hope, you liked the trends and tips discussed above. So, enjoy this season with a great variety of dresses available online.

Best Home Decor Ideas for Living Room

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Are you planning to give a quick makeover to your living room? Then we have something innovative for you. Here we are to help you out with some useful suggestions. We assure you that these home decor ideas will certainly help you to transform your room into a perfect cosy retreat. Do not overlook these ideas or you shall miss something really good.

Here are some interesting points as follows:

Get Cabinet Storage

How about a cabinet storage in your living room? This would be a perfect place where you can have an assortment of your fond treasures. Make sure the cabinet storage comes with plenty of areas and drawers to cover up the clutter of your living room. No wonder, this would be one of those perfect home furnishing items that are sure to make your room look clean and tidy.

Get Bright Florals

Have you ever thought of a home bursting with beautiful floral? Try this idea in your living room today. Bring in bright coloured floral long curtains for the windows and doors of your room. Make sure this floral effect is seen on the sofa set and cushions.

Get a Vintage Look

To give your living room a perfect vintage look, add some natural flavors. Get the 1950s seating arrangement where there will be a bright blue trunk as the centre table and shades of moss-green covering the entire room. Needless to say, that this would certainly make your house stand out from others. The visitors would be quite excited to find this amazing home decor.

Get a Porcelain Effect

Have you thought of an accent with Porcelain for your living room? If not, think of this home decor today. Just imagine of a displayed collection where you have blue and white ceramics. Now, this adds instant colour, thereby, beautifully detailing your room.

Accentuate the Living Room with Black

Adding a touch of black brings balance to the room. In fact, it balances out the softness and textures of fabrics in a room. We would suggest you to start in small with matte lampshades then add a bit of drama with black coffee table and bold artwork bringing charcoal print botanical. Interior designers say that black adds sophistication to any soft combination like blue-and-white.

Hope, the above-discussed points were helpful to you. Now, to avail the stuff that can add to a perfect decor, check out the home decoration items online today.

Fashion at its Best for Women

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In today’s world fashion is just not meant for runway models and Hollywood celebrities. Several studies have proved that media has helped common people to come out with their talents in the fashion world. Be it internet, newspaper, television or any other mode of communications, people are literally enjoying the adaptability with the ever-changing fashion trends. Staying updated with every season has become the trend for everyone, especially women. Either listening to what the top-notch designers say or reading the published fashion tips on magazines/internet, everything has become a habit for the fashion lovers. So, to make things more updated, we have come up with some interesting points today.

We all know that every season fashion comes with a change. Here we have picked some of the most wearables and latest fashion trends meant only for women. One of the best trending styles which have been nominated best for the summer/spring collection this year is the tops. Tops have always hit the stands earlier and became the most popular choice for women, but it is still hitting the platform in this year as well.  Browse the online stores to find the tops of your choice. Some of them are as follows:

Women’s Black Printed Georgette Top

If you are looking for the best  look to look young and fun then you have to buy this black printed Georgette top. This is in fact, a perfect look for any casual parties. Team up with a pair of white jeggings or denims and you get the ultimate look. As this is a casual creation you can pair up the entire outfit with flats or heels of your choice.

White Floral Print Georgette Top

This floral print Georgette top is the latest buzz in the market. Pair it up with denim blue jeans and accessorize with metal earrings and then you know how you look. If you want to stand out from the rest, dress in this gorgeous top today.

Maroon Solid Georgette Top

If you are attending a get-together where you have a very less time to dress up then here we are to help you. Get maroon solid Georgette top and pair it up with a pair of ankle length black leggings. No wonder, this entire get-up if teamed up with simple yet gaudy accessories, then you are sure to stand out from others.

Now, to get your favourite piece, buy tops for women online at best price today.

Top Terracotta Jewellery Trends of 2017

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When the discussion is based on the natural form of jewellery, what comes to your mind? If not mistaken, it must be Terracotta jewellery for sure. No other jewellery can be better than the rustic charm of terracotta. If you take a quick look at the market, you will find that the earthenware range of home decorative and kitchenware are quite popular amongst the homeowners. With time the terracotta jewellery trends have started resurfacing, thus, creating something uniquely charming.

So, if we now talk about the jewellery part, in particular, it must be mentioned that terracotta holds the maximum value to every woman. To be precise, it has been noticed that jewellery trends are quite popular amongst the youth females. However, in this case, age is just not a number because terracotta jewellery is preferred by all age groups.  As girls and women like to wear new trendy and traditional jewellery without compromising on designs & quality, nothing could have been better than the earthenware.

Let us see the top terracotta jewellery trends of 2017 which every fashionista would love to put on.

Multicoloured Eco-friendly Terracotta Necklace Set

If you are looking for an easy and best option to accessorize yourself then go for this multicoloured women terracotta necklace set. Pair it up either with your Kurtis, Sarees or any indo-western wear you would love to put on and see how beautiful you look. Browse the online stores and you are sure to find a wide variety of options to choose from.

Thread-chained Necklaces and Jhumkas

Get a classic gorgeous cotton saree, maybe a sambalpuri saree and team up with a thread-chained necklace and colourful pair of jhumkas. No wonder, this would be a perfect look for any casual occasion.

Gold Tone Terracotta Sets

How about gold tone grandly embellished terracotta sets for your upcoming occasion? Drape yourself in an Anarkali suit or a saree and pair it up with this terracotta set to add a touch of sophistication to your party.

Smaller Terracotta Pendant Necklace and Jhumkas

If you are looking for a more casual look then get a pair of smaller terracotta jhumkas and smart pendant necklace. Team it up with your favourite kurti and leggings to enjoy the casual look. You can also get hold of more earthy tones, preferably the rust coloured ones to get a bold yet ethnic look.

Hope, the above-mentioned information was helpful enough for you to know about the latest terracotta jewellery trends.

Style with Cotton Printed Kurtis this Diwali

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Today fashion in India is mostly about the western styles and Indian ethnicity. Needless to say that, the modern-day dressing for women is nothing but a complete transformation in the sector of Indian traditional dresses. The highest vote among the list of ever stylish ethnic wears goes to none other than the ‘Kurtis’. Both long and short kurtis are catching the maximum attention of the buyers, especially the women.

Enjoy Shopping Through Internet

If you browse the internet, you will find a wide variety of fabulous Kurtis available. Now if you are in search of short Kurtis preferably, then check out the online stores without fail. Here you will find bright and beautiful coloured kurtis in different prints and patterns. Wearing such finest kurtis is sure to magically change any kind of dull moment into cheerful times. So, what are you waiting for? To get online cotton printed short kurtis, browse the Swanvi store and pick out the most amazing pieces of your choice.

Online shopping is best by far because not only you get to sit at comfort and browse through different sites for your product but you can avail exciting discounts as well. You also have the option to return and replace the product within a stipulated time. Then, there is no point wasting time as you will find a number of fashion and lifestyle stores available on the internet.

Pick Up Prints of Your Choice

There are different prints available in the market. You can go for simple prints, bold prints, block prints and so on. As the festive season continues, it’s time for you to pick out the most attractive coloured print kurtis to team up with either long skirt or trouser or jeans. Never take a back foot whenever it comes to experimenting with diverse combinations of both Indian and Western outfits. Try to mix and match your choice to create your unique style statement.

If you want to feel beautiful, look smart and also steal all looks of admiration then do come to Swanvi today. We are here at your service all time. Come and enjoy Diwali shopping with us today!

Designer Kurtis – The Current & Upcoming Trend in the Market

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We believe that fashion trends never ever remain constant. The best part about fashion is you will always stay updated, no matter how much you try staying aloof. Be it a new trend or revision of an old one, everything falls in shape because ultimately it is the fashion world that upgrades us. Thanks to the digital world which is helping us stay tuned with every new fashion wave. With the advent of different platforms like internet, magazines, newspapers, television, fashion has become easier to be tracked and followed. You can easily watch them and accordingly implement those updated trends to suit your lifestyle. Why not amp up your fashion game and be the centre of attention, everywhere every time?

Designer Kurtis – Comfort Meets Style

When it comes to fashion especially amongst women, the one name that comes instantly to mind is none other than designer kurtis. A research has been performed on this and we have discovered that designer kurtis are not just in fashion today but is expected to stick around for days in the future as well. Needless to say that, the ladies kurti manufacturers have really worked hard to provide a plethora of amazing products, thus flattering body types of all ages.

Irrespective of what you wear, simple, embroidery, party wear, formal wear, tussar kurtis or any fashion style kurtis, both online and local shops are there to offer you their wonderful creations. Just make a pick from our wide variety of designer kurtis and accessorize them to be an instant showstopper. So, watch out for designer kurtis sales online today and avail amazing discounts along with a wide array of kurtis of your choice.

Designer Kurtis – a Modest Wear

It is said that wearing a designer kurti provides the most modest yet a stylish look at the same time. In fact, designer kurtis are meant to suit all forms of occasions ranging from formal, general to party wears. Designer kurtis are in high demand these days, not just because they look beautiful or comfortable to wear but they mirror our culture and heritage as well. When our country is a land of beautiful colours, it is obvious that it would reflect in our traditional outfits, which Indian women prefer wearing.

Not just designer kurtis, to pair up, online stores sell matching leggings and churidars as well. Other than leggings, you have the option to pair up with denim jeans. As kurtis are available in different sizes, shapes and one can have a plethora of designs to choose from, visit Swanvi to pick the one that flatters your body type perfectly. Are you a shopaholic with a nose of perfection? Well, visit our website today and add that perfect piece of designer kurti today.